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London Calling

A short little blog post from the Whitechapel district in London.

Researching “Brexit, the EU and the Future of Globalization” has been an exciting but often exacerbating project.   So much political intrigue, so many diverse views, but one underlying truth: the world is changing, and we have to figure out how to handle it.

Tonight I enjoyed a marvelous Indian dinner at an inexpensive take out place.  Around it were Korean, Thai, Chinese and Arab restaurants.  Indeed, the Muslim population in this part of London is exceedingly large – and friendly, and peaceful.

Yet a few bad apples generate fear, and that feds back to generate anger.   If we allow that to continue, everything we’ve worked for since World War II would be in jeopardy.

I read of my country’s President throwing hissy fits because he doesn’t like being made fun of by Saturday Night Live.   That he can wear his weakness and insecurity on his sleeve like that and still fool his faithful is a sad commentary on how easily people are duped.  I see the exciting vibrancy of this diverse neighborhood and know that many people both fear and detest it.  Difference breeds fear, fear breeds anger and hate.

Yet going for an evening walk, optimism won out.   So many warm, friendly faces, so many positive interactions between diverse groups.   Indeed, London has its extremists of all bents, left and right, but the overall vibe I get from this city is one that suggests tolerance will win out.   Those who deal with fear are weak, and their weakness causes them to lash out.   Those of us who are brave enough to believe in love are stronger, and we will ultimately win.

The path to that point, however, can be violent and destructive – especially if the fear mongers get the upper hand.  Good night from London.

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