Blog Hiatus Ending


The world is in motion, we are living in an era of crisis and transformation that is dangerous and profound.  The purpose of this blog is to reflect on, document, and and make sense of this very consequential period in world history.   I’m back to my blog!

This blog started on May 9, 2008 with the first post being “Katrina vs. Nargis,” a comparison of the hurricane that hit the US in 2005 with a typhoon that savaged Myanmar that month.   I had dabbled with blogs before.  In 1999 I wrote a daily re-action to the Kosovo war, and in 2004 I started one on the university server as a part of co-teaching a course on children and war.  I continued that one until I decide to move to WordPress and have a blog with a theme and purpose.

For a large chunk of that time, I was prolific, posting an article a day.  Early on I was fascinated by the Obama-Clinton clash in the Democratic primaries, the appalling influence of hyper-consumerism on American society, and then the economic crash and why it happened.

Yet I also touched on spirituality, science, religion and philosophy.  I had some posts that were part of a series, like the game Quantum Life.   I made on line friends, generated followers, and my writing improved as I took more time to re-read and re-write.

So why did I slow down so much in 2016 and cease after the election of Donald Trump?

I found the entire 2016 campaign so mind numbing and appalling that I lacked a desire to follow it or write about it, a far cry from my blogs of 2008 and 2012.   I did not watch any of the Presidential debates, I gave up trying to reprise my “polls” page.  My heart was not in it.

Beyond that, I was busy with other things.  New friends, working out consistently, taking on the role of Faculty President at UMF, and being on the school board.  Mix having a lot to do with not having a drive to write and a blog hiatus emerges.

But I must write.  Especially in these times, if only so my children, now 11 and almost 14 can read what their father was thinking during this time of crisis and transformation.  The world remains in motion.

I’ve had time to reflect on recent events.   There is a lot to write about.

After Trump’s victory John Oliver said “this is not normal.”  True.  But in many ways, this entire era we’re living through is not normal.  The world is going through a period of immense cultural, social and political change.  The world is in motion, and it’s hurling into a vast unknown, in which the political and social structures we know and expect are likely doomed – or at least will be altered to become something quite different.

This is a consequential, dangerous, and turbulent era.    It’s exciting to watch it unfold, both the positives (and there are many) and negatives.  In my blog I’ll continue to try to make sense of it on a multi-dimensional level.   Politics, society, culture, meaning, spirit, economics, religion, and reflection of what it means to be human.  So the blog hiatus is over, starting tomorrow I’ll have regular posts concerning this era of crisis and transformation.

  1. #1 by lbwoodgate on January 9, 2017 - 14:38

    Looking forward to your posts

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