Hillary’s Fading Chances


Just over three weeks before the election, Kasich and Rubio have a 77% chance of winning, according to Nate Silver’s analysis

(Thinks to an unexpected rift in the space-time continuum I was able to access this blog entry from an alternate universe.)

Just over three weeks until the election renewed Wikileaks e-mail dumps and on going concern about Hillary Clinton’s past have catapulted  John Kasich into a small, but potentially durable lead in the polls.   .

For Hillary supporters, there is still hope.  “We have the best campaign organization,” said John Podesta, “We have financial resources, and the Secretary is the most qualified candidate for President in recent history.  We believe that the final debate will help us convince the American people to entrust President Obama’s legacy to her.”

“The country is tired of the Clintons, just as they are tired of the Bush name,” said one Democratic operator who asked that I not use her name.

Last April it looked like the bombastic Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee, but concerned party leaders staged a coordinated effort to stymie Trump’s campaign, and in a divided convention, Kasich won in the most dramatic convention floor battle since 1976.


When the Republican establishment united against Trump he warned that the party would collapse. That isn’t happening.

Kasich was upbeat about his chances on Meet the Press, noting that his, “we need to work together” campaign was winning over many Democrats and that he would be committed to “cooperative problem solving” with Congress should he win.   Marco Rubio’s outreach to Latino communities benefits from his thorough repudiation of Trump last year just when it looked like the controversial business man might grab the nomination.  “We are the party of diversity for the 21st Century,” Rubio said.  Experts expect Republicans to make inroads with black voters this year.

To be sure, some angry Trump supporters still haven’t forgiven the “establishment,” saying that Kasich is just another insider.   “We had the one man who could shake things up, and the establishment torpedoed him.  I’ll never vote for Kay-Sick,” one former Trump supporter spat.

But many have come around, like former Trump campaign worker Dorothy Snugglebutz.  “I am not happy, but Kasich is the lesser of two evils.  I’ll never forgive Rubio’s betrayal of Donald, however.  But if it’s Kasich or Hillary, the answer is clear.”


As a weary Hillary Clinton fights the last weeks of what could be her final campaign; the oval office remains elusive.

Clinton bested Vermont independent Bernie Sanders is the primaries, and though he is campaigning for Clinton, his eyes are on 2018 and 2020.   “We started a movement,” he said, “the movement will grow regardless of who is elected President.”

Time is running out for Clinton.  Kasich has already formed the nucleus of a transition team, which will be run by former Secretary of State Condolezza Rice.

“The public wants change,” Political Science guru Jim Melcher from the University of Maine at Farmington stated.  “The Republicans have kept the heat on Clinton and she’s not been able to control the narrative.  Still, the election isn’t over yet.”

Republican National Commission Chair Reince Preibus remains upbeat.   “Can you imagine where we’d be if Donald Trump were the nominee” Priebus mused, recalling Trump’s angry and at times incoherent behavior at the Republican national convention.  “It could have been an utter disaster, he was out of control!  But the party was up to the challenge and now control of both the Presidency and Congress are in reach.”

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