Why Am I Silent?

This is the third election in the history of this blog, which began in May 2008.  I’ve posted 1118 posts, with nearly 500,000 views.  Not a lot by blogging standards, but up until the past year at least I’ve been rather consistent, especially in election season.

Lately, though I just don’t feel motivated to write about politics.  What can I say?  The Trump would be a horrible President?   That Clinton isn’t as untrustworthy or unethical as people think?   That voting for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson makes sense if yours is a clear “blue” or “red” state, but not if you’re in a swing state?   Yeah, I guess…

The thing is…the whole political scene is a bit depressing right now, and when I face something unpleasant my instinct is just to turn away.   Yuck.  I’m a Pisces, we tend to avoid unpleasantness, even when we should confront it.   (Gee, maybe I should blog about astrology…)

I never have the TV on to any news station.  My mom visited recently and she had CNN on all the time.  I noticed all I heard were stories about Trump, very little on Clinton.  It was mostly negative, but Trump was dominating the discourse.  While I’m sad she returned to South Dakota, I’m glad my television is off.  Maybe I’ll get into Downton Abbey or one of those shows everyone else raves about.

Nonetheless, the blogging will begin again.  I’ll keep track of polls like I did in 2012.  I may even find myself motivated to make some arguments.

But here’s what I won’t do.  I won’t attack Trump is unfit for the President, or as a misogynistic racist.  He may be those things, but that stuff is all over the web.   Nor will I get into the attacks or defenses of Hillary – except maybe to debunk blatantly unfair lines of attack.   I’ll try to look for the stories less covered, ideas under explored, or slices of the election year that are a bit quirky or surprising.

Last year I started my poll watching on September 1.  I’ll do the same this year.  That’s a page that will have daily updates, with my commentary on polling trends.  You can click the above link to 2012 polls to compare.   And I will post.  Maybe not every day as I did in the last election cycles; maybe not even every week.   My heart’s not in it.

But this is a consequential election, and though my blog is sparsely read, I believe I should at least join the discourse.  More to come.  I think.

  1. #1 by Lee on August 26, 2016 - 16:53

    I’m glad you are going to post; I always find your blog insightful.

  2. #2 by Laurel Kaiser on September 4, 2016 - 08:48

    Well you go Scott. Here’s your pep talk. I value your opions. It also helps in my very biased place I live (including sometimes my house lol). It’s nice to be able to read intelligent opinions vs most of the crap on both sides that’s mostly out there. Thank you. I am not a political expert but I know you are so I’m counting on you. You’ve always been fair and given credit or criticism where it’s due.
    If You need a distraction, I could also use a little help convincing a few more around me as to why we really really shouldn’t put an oil pipeline in the Missouri River. Specifically lake oahe where many people ( like most of northern part of SD all the way to Webster at least) rely for their water. Have not heard back from even one congress person about my concerns. And why we should speak up!!

  3. #3 by Scott Erb on September 4, 2016 - 22:21

    OK, Lee and Laurel! I’ll post more. I’ve actually been following the pipeline issue and posting links to Facebook. It does not seem that the national media is paying much attention. So next week I’ll get a post up on that! Thanks for the kind words!

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