No, it’s not a Snub!


The Drudge Report had near the top of its banner a line that Obama was snubbing Nancy Reagan’s funeral to attend a film festival.

Clicking the link to the story and one could find comments filled with rage.  Obama shows no respect!  Sending his wife instead of going himself is an insult!   What a horrible human Obama is!


Ronald Reagan did not attend Bess Truman’s funeral.  He sent Nancy.

President George W. Bush did not attend Ladybird Johnson’s funeral.  He sent Laura.  Barbara Bush was there too, but not George the Elder.

President Bill Clinton did not attend Patrica Nixon’s funeral.  He sent Vernon Jordan.

President Jimmy Carter did not attend Maimie Eisenhower’s funeral.

President Obama did not attend Betty Ford’s funeral.  He sent Michelle.

The only exception to this universal rule of Presidents NOT attending the funeral of a former first lady is when Bill Clinton attended Jackie Onasis’ funeral.  The reason?  He was invited to give a eulogy.

So if anyone tries to claim that the President is being disrespectful and petty for “skipping” the funeral for an event long planned, don’t get mad.  Media outlets like the Drudge Report like to whip people into an emotional frenzy, and getting ire up against Obama is a kind of sport as far as they’re concerned.

No, smile.  Say that you understand why they might have that reaction but luckily it’s not a snub, but actually tradition.  Inform them that even Ronald Reagan sent his wife to the funeral of a first lady.   Run down the list.

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