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Back Next Week

Tonight I’m in Bangor Maine, at the airport hotel, able to look out the window from the 8th floor and get a clear view of the terminal and runways.   I can picture scenes from the Langoliers (which was, indeed, shot mostly here).

Thursday AM we head out for San Juan Puerto Rico, a place I’ve never been to before.    It may seem an odd destination in the middle of August — Maine is beautiful this time of year, Puerto Rico is in its hurricane season.   But the deals are great — it’s off season for travel there — and the weather report is no hurricanes and warm tropical weather there, but rain in Maine.

I do not plan to blog, this is time for us to have a vacation.   If people know Puerto Rico and want to give me tips, I will check the comments.   Anyway, there’s little new to blog about now in politics — it’s silly season where Sarah Palin says a metaphor used by Biden should “drive a nail in his coffin.”  (Hmmm, one could read into that metaphor too…)

When metaphors are treated as gaffes, you know nothing serious is happening.     I’ll try to think of some interesting blog topics while on the beach (preferably not focused on politics — there will be enough of that between now and November).

One story I will be following are the protests world wide in support of the Russian provocateur band “Pussy Riot.”  I blogged about them last week.  They made the cover story of Germany’s Der Spiegel (English language story), and global protests are planned for Friday.   I’m also integrating this episode into my research, it’s fascinating.

I should be back by the middle of next week.   Thanks for reading!