Quantum Life: Empaths and Extensions

(Note, this is part 9 of a series called “Quantum Life,” in which I post the contents of a strange ‘guide book’ I found for a game called “Quantum Life.”  It is in English, which the book calls a “Quantum Life language,” unable to capture all thecomplexities of the world as it really is.  I’m not sure where this book came from).   Picking up where I left off, the next section in this ‘guidebook’ is “Empaths and Extensions.”


One of the more difficult aspects of playing Quantum Life is the nature of existence in Quantum Life as a single, discrete entity with connections to others blocked (at least to the conscious mind).

In true reality there are no such distinct barriers, real world entities reach out, touch, feel, and integrate a wide variety of experiences into the “self.”   That lack of a discrete self and meshing of identities, experiences and emotion is what gives real existence its fundamental joy and contentment.  It is why we lack the drama, horror and ecstasy of the Quantum Life experience.

The game would be unbearable if the self was truly discrete and disconnected.   Despite the blocking of both memory and psychic connections, the game requires ways of allowing players to still maintain aspects of their true selves outside the discrete Quantum Life identity they don for the game.   Most do this through extensions, but some play the game as empaths.   

Empaths often bring forth wisdom which causes others to suddenly understand truths they deep down already knew


Some players choose a life where the connections are more “open” than usual.  These people are called empaths.   In a sense they experience game reality a bit more like true reality, though in a manner that can be overwhelming.  Anyone choosing such a life should be an experienced, advanced player.   In the Quantum Life world it isn’t expected that people connect with others, and as such empaths may appear to be weak, overly emotional, hyper-sensitive or lost in their imagination.   They are prone to escapism both because such connections can overload the Quantum Life self, and because empathic connections decrease the need for Quantum Life style “social” connections.

Such players must learn to trust their enhanced connections which  inevitably work against the materialist conventional wisdom shared by most players.   When they trust their experiences as legitimate and true, they find a disconnect between themselves and the reality of less connected players.   They see the world and its inner truths more clearly, almost as if they are awake and others are in a kind of hypnotic state.

People choose such a life for a variety of reasons.    Very advanced players want to take the lessons learned from the separation and uncertainty of playing Quantum Life back into true reality.   Such lifetimes are efforts to learn how to hold on to a concept of self while re-connecting with greater reality.

Others choose such a life in order to either help other players or play a larger cultural role in bringing about and understanding major social changes.   Such an existence can be quiet, with an individual using empathy to guide other players through difficult life lessons as a kind of teacher who not only understands but in a real way lives the experience with those being helped.    Others might become known as great teachers.   Most religions are built on the experiences and teachings of empaths, though often these are mangled and altered in the course of time.   Empaths have at times been called teachers, speakers, healers, gurus, or holy men/women.


Most players don’t have the capacity to choose such a life and thus need to redirect their inherent need not to be completely alone/cut off.   In Quantum Life they do so by having a variety of other experiences that symbolically reflect their life choices.    Every individual player has aspects of themselves living as animals, plants, soil, rocks and other “material” aspects of the game environment.   Almost every player has trillions of simple extensions, including entities such as bacteria, viruses, etc.   The cells that make up their game body are such extensions.    The entire game environment is comprised of extensions.

Extensions are literally what keeps players sane — able to play the game without losing the capacity for rational thought.   It creates a comfortable web of knowledge and a sense of connection to the wider world which exhibits itself as such things as an instinct to survive, a belief in the importance of the world in which they find themselves, and as a force for psychological stability.  Nature reflects the thoughts and actions of players at a fundamental level — players are linked with their environment completely.

Such extensions are also the way that entities outside the game can communicate and interact with players in the game.   They exist only as small particles or very simple creatures (though often trillions of them at once) to integrate some of their real world insight into the fabric of the Quantum Life game, thus available to players.   The players don’t know they are receiving these messages, which show themselves through symbols or synchronicity — what players often dismiss as luck and coincidence.

Nature and the environment are the physical manifestations of the choices, thoughts and emotions of Quantum Life players

All players have at their finger tips a vast reservoir of insight and strength available to them.   They need to look inside and trust connections they feel, but can’t understand.   They can find power working with nature, recognizing it as a reflection of/extension of themselves.     Without extensions, players would be overwhelmed by the game.   Without extensions intruding from those still outside the game, players would lose themselves in the game more often and veer ever farther from their purpose.

(OK, that’s enough transcribing of this strange book for today)

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