Here is a great tune for our East coast weather, written and performed by Dennis DeYoung (inspired in part by Katrina), this video matches the song Rain with images from those past hurricanes, as well as other disasters, which I found on Youtube.  It looks like it was made by someone named “scarlet envelope” a couple weeks after Nargis hit Myanmar in 2008:

It’s from the album One Hundred Years from Now which you can find at dennisdeyoung.com.   It is a superb album from one of rock’s all time greats.  The song’s been running through my head all day as I’ve watched coverage of Irene.   (By the way, my first ever post on this blog was about hurricanes – Katrina vs. Nargis).

  1. #1 by pino on August 28, 2011 - 01:20

    It is a superb album from one of rock’s all time greats.

    Vintage DeYoung. Key boards, driving beat, amazing chorus.

    And he still has that voice!

    Like the album?

    • #2 by Scott Erb on August 28, 2011 - 02:03

      The album’s great — I still think De Young was best with Styx, having a creative mix and give and take bring out the best in artists sometimes. But on his own De Young is still an amazing song writer with a great voice. I have a Canadian version of the album (it was released there before the US version), and I think the US one has a couple different tracks, but it’s worth purchasing or downloading. Hope you’re all recovered from Irene — we’ll probably just get heavy rain and wind by the time it gets this far north and is moving fast and mostly spent!

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