On to New Hampshire!

Opting for comfort, we rented a tiny cabin at Eastern Slopes Campsites in Conway, New Hampshire

Sorry for disappearing for a week.   We were in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and though the campground was Wifi, I found no time to blog.   For those who have not yet visited New Hampshire, it’s a worthwhile destination (even if you’re not running for President).    We spent seven nights in Eastern Slopes Campsites in a nice little cabin, which had the added attraction of giving the boys a chance to sleep in the loft.  I was a little afraid that Dana (5) might fall down the steep steps if he woke up in the middle of the night to pee, but though he did get a bump on the head falling off his bike, he handled the loft just fine.

It was small, but nice -- under the loft a kitchenette, bathroom and sink, then in the "main" area a bed and a nice front porch.

Of course, the cabin was only for sleeping, and occasionally resting between activities (though the kids loved both the store and the camp swimming pool and kept begging to spend more time there).    Perhaps the most fun was the zipline on Wild Cat Mountain.   The zipline is like taking a long slide — except you’re suspended by a wire and zoom down at about 45 MPH from a point part way up the mountain to the base.   It’s not as much of a rush as I’d hoped for, but still fun!   We also headed to the top of Wild Cat mountain on a gondola for some nice mountain hiking.

A top Wild Cat Mountain, we had a good "top of the world" hike!

For the kids we did Storyland and Whales Tales (the latter a water park).   Ryan at 8 is already growing out of Storyland.  It was OK, but not worth the $114 we plopped down.   Whales Tales ($128 for four) was.   We spent all day Friday at the water park, despite cool morning temperatures and a threat of rain.  That kept the crowds down and it was a blast going down the water slides, either just sliding or with a tube, depending on the ride.    The water was cold but once you got used to it, it was great.   I was also surprised to see a young Halle Berry working there (at least she looked like a 17 year old version of the star).

On top of the world at Mt. Cannon

Ryan and I hit every water ride, and it was great zooming down the long slides, or twisting along on the inner tubes.  Personally I like the nature stuff better than the expensive “family fun” stuff, but the variety of pools, rides, and activities at Whales Tale made it a fantastic day.  The rain stayed away too!

Don't slip and fall in the rapids -- Diana's baths near Conway have amazing falls and rapids, with swimmers and waders meandering up and down stream

We also went to the Plume Gorge, the Cannon Mt. tramway, Diana’s baths (a great rocky area with falls and rapids, stretching out for hundreds of yards, climbing the mountain), Echo Lake, the independence day parade in Lincoln NH, and an OK train ride on the Hobo rail.   The one disappointment was July 4th, when the Conway fireworks, scheduled for 9:45, didn’t start until 11:00.   With tired kids we gave up at 10:20, and let them do some sparklers back at the campsite.   Still, it was fun.

Family vacations in the early 21st century are interesting.   Everything costs money, it seems, and marketing/billboards are ubiquitous.   As much as I want to rebel against that marketing of family fun, I have to admit the water park was awesome, and the zip line was fun.  Still, I think the natural (and inexpensive — $3 state park daily fee) fun of Diana’s baths, Glen’s falls, and enjoying the beauty of the White Mountains is the real draw.    Lincoln’s parade on the 4th was typical New England — nothing fancy, just locals out showing their colors and throwing candy at the kids on the side of the road.

The perfect roasted marshmellow (if you like having them catch fire)

So it was a nice change of pace, even though I had to keep up with my on line classes while there (and given the times, it should be no surprise that Eastern Slopes Camp Sites have free wifi — I could connect and sit in the screen porch after the kids were in bed and read papers and comment on discussion board).   But now I have a weekend of catching up to do, and it’s back to reality!

  1. #1 by Lee on July 11, 2011 - 10:17

    I just got back from campng with my 2 youngest in NH. A lot more rustic than you–we were at Crawford Notch Campgrounds and had to portage our gear to our campsite. LOL Trust me I did not know that when our friends who were going with us made the reservations! Didn’t know about the camp bear to watch out for either and I am a pretty seasoned camper. We did Storyland and for my kids it was perfect. (it was also the birthday venue for my friend’s 4 y/o) daughter and I did Santas Village the next day. I am totally with you on the crazy prices. I’d much rather be hiking–all the places you mentioned to hike are faves of mine–but this weekend was all about the theme park fun.

    • #2 by Scott Erb on July 11, 2011 - 19:03

      We were at Storyland July 5th — it sounds like you were there a few days later than us. Gee, we could have actually met! Santa’s Village is fun too — I actually prefer it to Story Land, but the boys are growing out of it. Glad you had fun!

  2. #3 by modestypress on July 12, 2011 - 12:59

    Years ago, my extended family had a reunion in the White Mountains area of New Hampshire where we went hiking and kayaking. Nice photos that bring back excellent memories.

  3. #4 by Renee on July 4, 2016 - 14:50

    Hi 😊

    Could you tell me if there was a fire pit outside of each cabin?

    Thank you

    • #5 by Scott Erb on July 4, 2016 - 16:02

      That was five years ago, but I’m pretty sure there was – I remember buying firewood at the store…I’m pretty sure…!

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