Installation Continues…

Some duct work is already up in the attic, though from this angle (holding a camera through the opening and shooting) it's hard to see much detail.

The crew from Jeff Gagnon Heating and Air Conditioning were here shortly after 6:30 AM Tuesday and by 10:30 the attic was getting too hot for them to continue.  They then worked on the set up down stairs, cutting holes for the vents and getting things ready.

One of the closet pipes that will send air down to the basement.

We now can see where our fourteen air vents upstairs (and two return vents) will be located, as well as the four down stairs.   The closet in Ryan’s room has a slightly bigger opening because it will also pipe up the heat to the attic for distribution.   Nothing dramatic today — holes cut in the ceiling, work continuing.

Tomorrow the heat exchange pump may be hooked up to the well and perhaps ready to go! It is located in the basement storage area, near the oil and well tanks

When we got this house four years ago, I didn’t imagine how much work we’d put into it.   A new drainage system in 2009, combined with clearing out some of the back woods for a play area for the kids.  It was a massive undertaking.   More pictures here.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) should be a big day.   Goodwin’s is going to excavate and hook up the well to the house, the electrician is going to get everything wired properly and while they may need to return Thursday to finish up, things are on schedule.  I’m also setting up to chart the costs (electricity, oil used, etc) of energy use this year compared to last year, to see what this actually will save over time.   In that sense it’s an experiment, I’m not really sure what the return will be (and will post updates in my blog).  The house is a mess of course, ladders, plastic covering, and dust everywhere.   Still, the work has been relatively unobtrusive and they’ve been efficient and friendly.    Stay tuned!

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