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Home Work

Moving out the Washer and Drier - the kids were "helping" by holding a screaming contest in the small room

Monday Jeff Gagnon heating will be here to start installation of the geothermal heat exchange pumps and everything else.   So Sunday we had to empty some closets (they’ll send pipes through closets to get to the basement) and move the washer and drier so they can have access to the attic.    We also set up plastic on the floor, covered some furniture and tried to get the house ready for a major project.

Short term - Washer and the drier in the living room

And earlier Sunday we had to clear sticks and weeds from the portion of our back woods that we cleared out back in 2009.   One joy of living in Maine is to have the boys be able to grow up in the woods.

Swinging in the back woods before the clean up!

After the clean up.

We did have a nice hike and picnic this morning, with the kids swimming in extra cold water at Belgrade Lakes.   They got their shorts soaked because we hadn’t expected them to swim after the hike and didn’t even bring towels.   But the rest of the day was busy with work.

Four hours of yard work and a few hours getting prepared for the heating people (the well people will be here too testing — they do the excavating and well hook up on Wednesday)   We’re not sure how long the heating folk will take, I think he said he thought they’d be done by Friday.

But at least we got to clear out some old socks and clean the floor behind the washer.   Now I just have to get the trash and recycling ready for tomorrow the work will be done for the day!

Scrubbing the floor

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