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Well Update

The Rig is down, I assume the drilling is done

Today as we left for work and school the drillers were already at the well head, hoping to finish up today.   They were at 620 feet with a flow of 5 gallons per minute.   He thought they’d probably have to go to 820 feet to get the right flow rate.   When I got home the trucks were still parked here, and the pump is still sitting on the lawn.   But the rig was down rather than up, so I’m assuming that the drilling is done.     I’m not sure — but the run off water was gone, and it appears that maybe they just need to put in the pump and get the water flowing.

Controls for the drilling rig

The installation of the heat exchange pumps will start on Monday, which will be a task.  We have to move the washer and drier so the workers can have access to the attic so they can install the duct work and air forcer.  The actual pumps will be in the basement by the well entrance, and the heat or AC will be piped to the attic, then sent around the house.

Given all the wild weather and indications of global warming in recent years, I do think it’s prudent to do what we can to decrease our carbon footprint.   There is still a lot of skepticism of global warming in the US, but the general view internationally (even in China now) and among climate change scientists is that the evidence suggests a strong likelihood the CO2 is a human cause of warming and it could be devastating for the world economy and humans.

To be sure, the skeptics have plausible alternative theories and there is no proof either way.   If one has already decided pro or con, it’s often unlikely that evidence will change their mind — interpretations can be twisted and different bits of evidence focused upon.   To me, though, just the strong possibility that we’re harming future generations with our energy usage and green house gas emissions is enough to suggest I do something to change my habits.   There is no down side except a large initial investment, and the up sides include less vulnerability to oil price increases, cheaper energy long term, and having a cool bit of technology in the house.   Assuming, of course, it works as it’s supposed to!   So stay tuned for further updates!