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A long day, but worth it!

Our flight to Madrid was smooth, even if the Iberian plane was a throw back to the mid-eighties with little entertainment.   But the food was OK, and we were on time.    We zipped through customs and to our connecting flight to Venice, which was about 15 minutes late, but no big deal.  Then after we all took the bus to Venezia we found our hotel which is very near the train station.

Here a group of students listen as we start to explain the rules of behavior in Italy.   There are 42 students, and today as they were tired after no sleep on the plane (for most of them) we focused on walking around, exploring Venice (six hours worth of walking — we’re all tired) and learning about how to operate in Italy.

The students enjoyed time alongthe canals:

Along the canals

Of course we visited the famous Rialto Bridge, here’s the canal as seen from that bridge:

Grand canal from Realto

Some of the group by San Marco:

Though the seminars start Wednesday, Sarah did some explaining of art history here on Tuesday:

Too tired to type much, so I’ll end with an image.  More to come!