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A Movie You Must See

A short blog entry today to recommend everyone go to netflix and rent The Last Days of Sophie Scholl.   It is a German film (Sophie Scholl – die letzten Tagen), and it is very powerful.  I wrote a blog entry about it two years ago called ‘moral courage,’ so I won’t repeat here what I said there.

It is the kind of film that draws not tears of joy or sadness, but the tears which come when witnessing true moral strength and clarity, the kind of behavior that speaks to the most noble and honest aspects of humanity.   The film is set in her last six days of life, from her arrest to her execution.  It is based on real transcripts of her interrogation, and interviews with others involved.    Her faith, sense of honesty, and ability to see the situation with moral clarity while others are deluded or simply taking the easy path by conforming to expectations should cause all of us to look inside and ask if we have that capacity to see truth and stand by it.

The issues that come out in the court room, her interrogation, and her reflections are intense and powerful.   The acting of Julia Jentsch is riveting and persuasive.    Words cannot do justice to this film, you simply have to watch it.    In a culture where ethics and morality seem devalued, where uncertainty takes relativism almost to the state of nihilism, this film is a powerful affirmation that there is such a thing as truth, moral clarity is possible, and when it is on display, immensely beautiful.