A few have asked why my posts have become infrequent, suggesting I may be doing something good, like relaxing with family and friends and taking a break.

I wish.

I’m teaching an on line course over winter term, my first web based course ever.  It started out with 31 students, doing daily papers, discussion sessions, and research planning.  It’s a three week compressed course, and between planning it, learning the infrastructure and actually now starting it, I’ve been doing much more work than for a normal course.  It’s going well.  The number of students is down to 21 (I suspect many didn’t realize how much work it would be over three weeks — the subject is “German and Italian Politics”), but tonight I’ve spent three hours since the kids went to bed grading and responding…but it’s fun.  An on line course can be substandard, but I believe that the importance is for the instructor to be very involved, so I try to be.

That said, the kids are home all week, Natasha is working, so during the day we are playing.  This further makes it hard to find extra time.  And I’ve started transcribing old journals — dating back to when I was 13.  Many of them are completely sports related — the summer of 1974 has been all about the Minnesota Twins.  I do a few days inbetween other tasks, then google tidbits like “ABC Tuesday Night Movies” I watched, or other events I report on.   Sometimes I get sad results — Joe Decker, a 16-14 pitcher for the Twins that year, died in Storm Lake, Iowa back in 2005.  I also recall how much I liked the TV show Petrocelli.

So, between on line teaching, journal memories of Harmon Killebrew day or Rod Carew’s quest to hit .400 (he didn’t), and one of the biggest injustices of human history — Drew Pearson pushing off Nate Wright to allow Dallas to beat Minnesota and go to the Super Bowl — I’ve not had time to put together a timely or topical blog entry.  Also, I was annoyingly devoted to President Nixon during the Watergate investigation.

In any event, we had a white Christmas, are enjoying true winter weather, and life is good.  I wish everyone love, peace, and joy, and by next week I’ll find time to blog again (when the kids are back in school and day care, that’ll make things a bit more sane…though we’re having fun this week!)

  1. #1 by Mike Lovell on December 30, 2009 - 15:32

    ” and one of the biggest injustices of human history — Drew Pearson pushing off Nate Wright to allow Dallas to beat Minnesota and go to the Super Bowl”

    While I agree that anything allowing Dallas to go to the Superbowl is a most grave injustice in any universe, I have to defend Pearson on this one. Wright was a dirty defensive back, and got away with more than his fair share of chicanery with receivers that may have made the difference in many of those games that allowed Minnesota to make it as far as they did.

    I believe the greatest injustice of all time was when the Cowboys stopped the 49ers from 3-peating Superbowl appearances in 1990-91 season. Clearly their cocaine habits coupled with the legitimate speed and talent of Deion Sanders played a major role in stopping a clearly superior San Francisco team who would’ve soundly whipped the Bills in a much more fashionable and classy way!

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