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Too Wet!

This part of Maine has had the fifth wettest June in history.   I’m shocked.  The fifth?!  It’s rained virtually every day, I think we should be at number one!

I never complain about the weather.   When it’s rainy on a weekend, I secretly am glad to be rid of the pressure “it’s a nice day we have to go out and enjoy it.”   I can lay around, read some, and use the poor weather as an excuse for feeling lazy and lethargic.  Also, rain is good for the well (we’re not on town water) and garden.

If it’s hot, it’s an excuse to go someplace cool, like the movies.  Or I can go do outdoor work and really feel the summer heat — I don’t mind that.  It’s an excuse to plan a day at the coast, head to Popham Beach or Reid State Park, and get a DQ on the way.   In winter the snow piling up adds to the beauty if the season, I love seeing our house buried in snow.  If it’s cold, well, I’ve even blogged about how I love cold.

I am, by nature, an adaptable person.  On those personality tests I’m always far on the side of “perceiving” and non-judgmental.  That goes for the weather too, I’ll adapt to whatever the day is like, and find a way to enjoy it.

At least, until now.   We have had continual rain and cool temperatures for nearly a month, and the next ten days have rain predicted each day.  This is getting ridiculous.     We were clearing trees on our property today, and I was amazed by how totally staturated the ground is.  Puddles spouting up everywhere, standing water over large parts of the lawn.  Luckily the basement remains dry and things seem to be draining around the house, but sheesh.   The grass and weeds are growing out of control.   I haven’t mowed the lawn for over three weeks because it’s been that long since it’s been dry enough to mow.

Going out into the woods green underbrush has taken over everything.  With so much water a jungle seems to be spouting up, frogs are roaming the region, and the river — Wilson Stream — looks more like it did at the height of snow melt than it should in late June.    And to get there — usually a short walk from our back yard on beautiful paths in the Maine woods — is all mud.   By now the Wilson stream should be a trickle — it’s not!

At a birthday party we went to this weekend we had some sun.  Amazing!   The kids were less impressed.  “It’s too bright, it’s too hot…”   Ryan even insisted he liked cold rainy weather better because it was cooler.   They’ve become acclimated to this dreary gray, they think nothing of playing in a drizzle, or having to wear a jacket in late June.   But sun bothers them.  Yikes.

This morning I had a false glimmer of hope.   July 7th and 8th were sunny in the long range forecast.  Alas, but this evening that has changed.  It could of course change again, but so far this year it’s been rain, rain, rain.   They say global warming is likely to leave the Northeast colder and wetter.  It seems already to be happening.

As I walked through the mud, with the frogs scattering in front of me, our front and back yards both a disaster with growing weeds and grass, unmowable, I yearned for a nice dry yard, and a normal sunny summer day.  It’s been so long!  But then again…this is something interesting.   We’re experiencing saturation — perhaps I should try to enjoy this atypical bit of weather.

After all, the well is unlikely to run dry any time soon.   The fire danger level is extremely low.   The sun isn’t getting in my eyes, I’m saving money by not going golfing, and we’re not tempted to give in and buy an air conditioner (in Maine we still can go without A/C, though every summer there is a week or two of temptation…).   And this summer I do have a lot of work to do.  Still, I want an excuse to get out George Harrison’s “Here Comes the Sun” and play it loud!