Kids and Caffeine

This next week will probably see little blogging action from me, as my mom is in town along with my 16 year old neice.  Last night we had a cook out party, yesterday we went kayaking, and later this week we head to Acadia National Park, which I believe is the one of the best spots in the US.   Cadiallac Mountain, a rocky coast, the ocean, seafood, whale watching, hiking, rock climbing and unbelievable scenery.   Not as awe inspiring as the Grand Canyon, but a little piece of coastal paradise.

Of course despite my complaints about consumerism, no trip to Maine is complete without heading to Freeport and the LL Bean store.  Kara (my niece) wants to get some good hikes in, of which there are plenty in this region, and so the time to follow the wild events in Iran, the tensions over health care reform, or the weird media show about Sarah Palin (I’m sorry Palin fans, but I can’t take her seriously) is lacking.   Maybe I’ll manage a post now and then this week, but it’ll be a summer slow down.

One thing my mom likes is diet Coke.  She bought about 36 cans of it yesterday to have on hand.  The kids rarely have soda with caffeine (usually they drink diet root beer or fresca — the classics — when they have soda).  Well, they took a shine to diet coke and due to the guests and the chaos of the party last night, we didn’t notice how much they drank until it was too late.  The caffeine from the soda, and the sugar from the desserts, created a wild two hour adventure from 8:30 to 10:30 as Ryan and Dana popped out of bed, afraid to be alone, afraid of the ‘ghost in the mirror,’ or upset that their temporary beds were bumpy (they are giving up their ‘normal’ beds for the guests).

I left to say goodbye to some guests after lying with Dana awhile, and he started crying.  “Daddy,” the three year old protested, “You didn’t ask permission.”  I asked what he meant and he told me firmly, “You need to ask permission to say goodbye to the guests, if I say no, you can’t.”  Later he complained to his confused Grandma, “daddy didn’t ask permission to leave.”

Whew.  By 10:30 they were both sleeping soundly.  So today I finished the diet wild cherry Pepsi (we only drink diet both to avoid sugar and calories, and because I prefer the taste — though good cold tap water is my drink of choice, followed by carbonated water, both flavored and unflavored), we put up the diet coke, and my mom agreed we’d buy caffeine free for the rest of  the trip.  The kids did sleep in until almost 8:00 t0day, which is good (especially now that school’s out).

So, on a rainy day we’ll neither kayak nor hike today, and probably head to Freeport, and maybe grab dinner at Sarah’s in Wiscasset (best restaurant in Maine — if you’re anywhere between Kennebunk and Belfast, make a point to head to Wiscasset for a meal at Sarah’s — from Augusta it’s south on route 27). Ciao!

  1. #1 by Patrice on June 14, 2009 - 18:10

    Have fun with the fam!

  2. #2 by Mike Lovell on June 15, 2009 - 14:37

    Sounds like a good time. My wife’s family is currently doing the annual camping trip, where 4 generations of family and pseudo family gather, cooking over a fire for all meals, and generally enjoying each others company. Ysterday was fun yet a sunburning, no sleep disaster between work shifts for me. Some day I’ll get a “real job” that has normal people hours and vacation time, so I can hang out without worrying about how much sleep I’m losing just to see her family.

    And of course, this July will be the first of the Annual Lovell Family summer vacation trips. I’m looking forward to it. But I can guarantee you, oh smart, older brother Scott….I shall not drink decaffeinated or sugarless sodas!! BLECH!

  3. #3 by henitsirk on June 16, 2009 - 15:03

    Have fun with mom and niece!

    My mom drinks approximately her body weight in diet Coke every day. Luckily it’s usually in a ginormous Taco Bell cup, so that when we were visiting it was clear that it wasn’t for the kids.

    My kids don’t get any caffeine (except for whatever minute amount is in occasional chocolate) and rarely any soda at all. We do root beer floats occasionally, and when we hit the closest pizza place we all get their apple beer. Your poor boys, they must have been out of their minds with the buzz.

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