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Favorite LPs

Moving away from politics, philosophy and economics, I’m going to lighten it up and write about my favorite record albums of all time.  I use “LP” and “record album” for a reason — I’ve failed to keep my promise made in college to change with the musical times.   I remain focused on my era for my favorite music.  Even those recent ones on my list tend to be from artists of the 70s who simply are still making music.   Sure, I’ll get a recommendation now and then — I’ve listened to and enjoyed Radiohead (though not enough to get it on my favorite list) and a few others, but my heart is in the past.    Recommendations on how to break out of that and what to listen to would be appreciated, and I will follow through.  These are listed in no particular order, though at the end I do say my favorite of all time.

Crime of the Century – Supertramp
Eve – Alan Parsons Project
Grand Illusion – Styx
Bat out of Hell – Meatloaf
Inside Job – Don Henley
Best of Joe South – Joe South*
Snakes and Arrows – Rush
A Farewell to Kings – Rush
Past, Present and Future – Al Stewart
Never Surrender – Triumph
Ipso Facto – Rik Emmett
Jagged Little Pill – Alanis Morrissette
Pieces of You – Jewel
Misplaced Childhood – Marillion
Images and Words – Dream Theater
Jesus Christ Superstar – Andrew Lloyd Weber & Tim Rice
– Asia
Wheels Are Turning – REO Speedwagon
Fugazi – Marillion
Second Wind – Todd Rundgren
Adventures in Utopia – Utopia
Between the Wars – Al Stewart
Teaser and the Firecat – Cat Stevens

My favorite: Eye of the Storm – Roger Hodgson
Must be listed: World in Motion – Jackson Browne (this blog name comes from the title cut).

I actually think that music helped shape my world view.  I’ve always been very focused on lyrics, and appreciate great lyricists like Al Stewart and Neil Peart (Rush).   I also have always been a fan of the work of Kevin Cronin (REO) and Dennis DeYoung (Styx).   Todd Rundgren is  a favorite, and even though only one Alan Parsons Project album is listed, I have spent a lot of time listening to them, and to Supertramp.   But my favorite of all time is Eye of the Storm by Roger Hodgson of Supertramp.  He played every instrument himself, and that CD inspired me at many levels, including to write my one unpublished fiction story “Dreams.”

Putting on headphones and losing myself in an album/CD has always been a way to keep perspective.  I can’t imagine my life without this music.

* – “Best of” albums usually don’t qualify, but it’s the only one I have and I really like it.  Walk a Mile in my Shoes is one of my all time favorites.   If I had to choose a favorite song writer, I’d end up with Joe South – he wasn’t prolific, but wrote some damn good stuff!