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What Obama should say about Hillary

Now that it is clear that, barring a disaster, Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee in November, a lot of people are pressuring Clinton to leave the race. I think Senator Obama should address that issue head on. He should widely publicize in advance a major speech about his view of the race so far. Here’s what he should say.

“Fellow Democrats, at this point in the race it looks like the finish line is in sight, we have a full head of steam, and there is a lot of optimism for this coming November. However, we need not be premature, and we should not forget why we have done so well.

This election season, we have added an unbelievable amount of volunteers and small donors, energized and ready to make a difference this November. This would not be the case if we did not have two candidates in a close contest. Because this contest has gone so long, we raised more money than anticipated for the primary season, and have organized and canvased parts of the country that otherwise might have gone ignored until October. We have a volunteer base that is huge, as does Senator Clinton. This contest between my friend, Senator Clinton and myself has been good for the party in ways that we will only really understand after November. I thank her immensely for being such a formidable opponent.

Now we are done to the final six states. Six states with voters who have strong preferences, some for me, some for her. It would be unfair to the voters to deny them the chance to have their say in a meaningful way, like those voters from Iowa to Indiana. Therefore, I urge Senator Clinton to stay in the race, and call on my supporters to avoid putting any pressure on her to quit, or make any accusation that she is damaging the party. She is not. I think it is important we both run a positive campaign in the final weeks to help bring the party together, and I plan to do so. Also, let’s not dwell on the faux pas of a long, gruelling campaign. I’ve said some things I’ve regretted, so has Senator Clinton. But she is a Democrat dedicated to ending racism and helping all Americans achieve a better world. She is my friend, and I respect her.

So please, let’s move forward in this historic contest. Let’s see it to the finish, let’s not make accusations or harbor bitterness to the ‘other side.’ We need to win in November. We have so many new volunteers and are better organized than any time in the past, in large part because of how this contest has been fought. It has been an historic contest on many levels, and we are set to win a huge victory across the board in November, no matter who is the nominee. So while I appreciate that many want this to be over, let’s be patient and fight these last fights and let the voters have their say. Senator Clinton should stay in the race, it is good for the party. We should remember that we will be fighting together for a common goal in November. Thank you.”

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